[Cuis-dev] Smalltalk 2023 event - Buenos Aires

Juan Vuletich juan at cuis.st
Wed Oct 25 08:24:38 PDT 2023

On 10/25/2023 5:16 AM, Hilaire Fernandes via Cuis-dev wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Who will join the Smalltalk 2023 event at Buenos Aires 6/11 to 10/11?
> I will be there from the Saturday 4 of November to the Saturday 10 of 
> November.
> I will be very happy to meet people of the community to chat about 
> Cuis and Smalltalk, or other topics.
> I will attend the Smalltalk Camp too, and I have suggested working 
> groups, if any is interested email. Please share to any local person 
> who might be interested. The topics 1. and 2. are only slightly technical.
>    1. *Spanish Dr. Geo DSL.*
>       Translate to Spanish the DrGeo DSL programming interface. The
>       target audiences are middle/high school students, after
>       translating they will design geometric sketches and mathematics
>       visual models with Spanish Smalltalk idioms.
>       Required skills: Spanish native language, optional basic
>       Smalltalk knowledge
>    2. *Spanish Dr. Geo teaching units for kids.*
>       Translate to Spanish the programming teaching units I have been
>       using successfully with my students.
>       The material is in French, we  can be assisted by google translate.
>       Required skills: Spanish native language, LibreOffice editing,
>       optional basic Smalltalk knowledge and educative experience are
>       a plus.
>    3. *Design a Cuis-Smalltalk package for a prototype GUI App*.
>       The objective is to have the basic structure to rely on when
>       building a GUI App: Model-View-Presenter, app system management,
>       icons management, localization, IDE and App build scripts,...
>       Required skills: Smalltallk
>    4. *Brainstorming on a revisited Dynabook*
>       Discuss on the software, hardware and economic concepts of a
>       Dynabook for all.
>       https://github.com/hilaire/dynabook
> -- 
> GNU Dr. Geo
> http://drgeo.eu
> http://blog.drgeo.eu

Hi Hilaire!

This is wonderful news! We'll all have a great time!

I'll be there the whole week. I don't really know how the CampSmalltalk 
will be organized, but I'll be there too.


Juan Vuletich

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