[Cuis-dev] Extent of a form after rotation

Hilaire Fernandes hfern at free.fr
Wed Oct 25 10:25:21 PDT 2023

Hi Martin,

It is exactly that. There is no alternate method for right angle rotation.

I rewrote a method for my specific need with the expected extent.



Le 25/10/2023 à 18:58, Martin McClure a écrit :
> I note that 103 is the diagonal measure of the original form. 
> Speculation: perhaps rotatedByDegrees: is always creating a form that 
> is large enough for any arbitrary rotation, and not clipping to the 
> actual needed size afterwards? Is there by any chance another message 
> for rotations by multiples of 90 degrees?
> Regards,
> -Martin

GNU Dr. Geo
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