[Cuis-dev] SqueakComptibilityPackage for 6.2

Juan Vuletich juan at cuis.st
Fri Mar 1 15:30:50 PST 2024

Hi Hilaire,

I looked at Gettext and System-Locales. I think they can be added to 
6.2. Still, I'd like to do a couple of tweaks, and I'd like your 
feedback on them.

Essentially, I'd change the System Categories for Locales. Currently 
they are System-Locales and System-Locales-Tests. This has two 
drawbacks. One is that the browser shows it inside System, that is a 
base image category. The other one is that some tests are duplicated in 
both packages, because one category is prefix of the other. My proposal 
is to change them into Locales and Tests-Locales.

I'd change no code, though.

If you're OK with this, I'll do the changes in Cuis-Smalltalk-Dev and 
then copy them to 6.2. I'll need to add #newWithRoomForMoreThan: to 6.2. 
No big deal.

Does this sound OK for you?


Juan Vuletich

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