[Cuis-dev] On complexity and growing system Was: SqueakComptibilityPackage for 6.2

Hilaire Fernandes hfern at free.fr
Sun Mar 3 04:39:36 PST 2024

Hi Juan,

Indeed you can't maintain all Cuis packages existing around, but only 
the ones you think are core ones. The number of Cuis packages will 
likely continue to grow in the future, even when only considering 
package as framework or library. The community should take care of these 

Nevertheless, what could be done is to organize how the community keeps 
up to date packages for a given Cuis stable release. For example, should 
we have dedicated repository matching a Cuis release to copy there 
packages tested, and if necessary patched,  as compatible with the given 
Cuis release. This is just one unorganized though.

IMHO, this is one point that need to be sorted out. It could both reduce 
your burden and help the community to contribute.

With software evolution, packages no put under the scrutiny of the 
community, will still be around but without the warranty to be still 
working with a given stable Cuis release. Some packages, unused, will 
just silently die. But complexity will be kept out of Cuis.

About system complexity, there was an interesting thread on the Squeak 
Mailing a few years ago. I found it accidentally, I was searching for 
something completely different (Cuis Affine transformation), which I did 
not find.


The discussion spanned over several months


Le 27/02/2024 à 13:27, Juan Vuletich a écrit :
> Stable releases should only include well tested and reviewed code. 
> That's why 6.2 stable has only a small set of packages. I'm afraid 
> that progress here could be slow. Maybe we still need to find ways to 
> handle "community supported code". The codebase of Cuis + all the 
> packages is too large for me to audit it. (That's of course the whole 
> point of having a small image).

GNU Dr. Geo
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