[Cuis-dev] Mac high resolution display

Hilaire Fernandes hfern at free.fr
Tue Mar 5 11:02:56 PST 2024

Le 05/03/2024 à 15:03, Juan Vuletich a écrit :

> This works on Mac. I don't know about Windows or Linux.
It will be nice if the people with high resolution screen on Windows, 
Linux could report what is their result of*DisplayScreen>>hostOSScaleFactor*


> That's what I usually do.

There is not special auto-detection, just selecting the font size, then 
that's it.

I will look to adapt my GUI to adjust.

I am not sure yet I can offer to waste time to make DrGeo to work 
properly on Mac, fine tuning consumes time. I now have a Mac bundle, but 
this need to be sorted out with gettext as well.

> Have you tried to use the halo to scale your topmost morphs so they 
> cover the screen? There could be some slowdown, noticeable on Browsers 
> on slow machines, but most likely unnoticeable using DrGeo on a modern 
> Mac. This could be the easiest. Just scale the top morphs to whatever 
> `Display extent`. Please try this and tell how it goes. It will be 
> interesting!

I can test it, but I am not sure it is the most appropriate way to do 
it. There are possibly several windows involved in the DrGeo experience 
(geometric view, Smalltalk Sketch Editor, Smalltalk Sketch Browser), the 
World menu.


GNU Dr. Geo
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