[Cuis-dev] [CuisApp] Some translation helps needed

Hilaire Fernandes hfern at free.fr
Wed Mar 6 05:57:24 PST 2024

Hi folks,

For the record, the repo http://github.com/hilaire/CuisApp, is a 
template for people that want to develop and to deploy an end user 
application written with Cuis.

It provides Bash scripts to start an IDE, to build the end user image 
and to package it in a bundle for Linux and Windows. I will soon add 
bundle construction for Mac.

To make it more understanding, it also includes localization support 
through the Gettext[1] package. I already included a French translation, 
but it will be nice to include additional translations in other 
languages. If you have 10 min to spend, download the .pot file[2], 
renamed it to your locale sobriquet with a .po extension (for example 
nl.po), translate the 20 messages and send it to me for integration in 
the repository.




GNU Dr. Geo
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