[Cuis-dev] About complexity in the face of the user

Hilaire Fernandes hfern at free.fr
Sun Mar 17 12:30:14 PDT 2024

I come to this solution but it is not that great. Because I lost the 
variable name, may be it could be good to have the stack but this adds 
complexity, that's why I removed it in my mini pluggable debugger. 
Anyway, from the exception (/ex/) it searches the context with the 
method named #DoIt.

	self  stopSketch.
	codeView  scroller  acceptContents.
	self  switchToPauseButton.
	DrGeoSketch  when:  #newSmalltalkSketch  send:  #compiledSketch:  to:  self.
	sketchProcess  :=  [|  t  |
		t  :=  DateAndTime  now.
		[Compiler  evaluate:  model]
			on:  Exception  
			do:  [:ex  |  |myContext |
				myContext  :=  ex  signalerContext  findContextSuchThat:  [:aContext  |  
					aContext  method  defaultSelector  ==  #DoIt].
				debugger  :=  Debugger  
					openMinimalDebuggingProcess:  sketchProcess  
					context:  myContext.
				self  plugDebugger  ].
		" When we get there, sketch has been entirely executed, switch back to 
play button "
		self  switchToPlayButton.
		Transcript  show:  DateAndTime  now  -  t  ;cr]newProcess.
		priority:  Processor  userSchedulingPriority  ;
		name:  '[DrGeo] Smalltalk Sketch execution';

It looks like as below in the sketch editor. The name of the variable is 
lost and there is this strange DoIt as the method name.


What am I missing to get the variable name in the debugger? The user 
edited code looks like below, there is one variable named /fig/ which is 
present in the debugger under the name /temp1/. It will be confusing for 
the user to read her code presented differently.

user edit

Progressing on the issue...

GNU Dr. Geo
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