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That's a generous offer and hopefully someone will be attending to take you
up on it.[1]  In the meantime, a quick search returns what appears to be at
least a partial summary of FileTree vs Tonel:

[1] While it would help ensure a better understanding of how things
developed, I'm not sure it would actually change anything. There has been
difference of opinion between the Cuis and Squeak/Pharo communities pretty
much since day 1 on the subject of package formats, among other things.  My
take is that the lack of convergence on a common solution is due to
fundamental philosophical, rather than technical, differences.

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> I've been following this particular issue and would prefer not to get into
> an email-based discussion of why tonel/filetree came to be and their
> relative disadvantages and advantages ...
> However, I will be at ESUG in Cologne and would love to have a discussion
> (at a whiteboard) with one or more members of the Cuis community to talk
> things over and see if there is any common ground to be found ...
> Dale
> On 7/31/19 10:18 AM, Phil B via Cuis-dev wrote:
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>> pufff.
>> I don't want to even think of how github package diff would look like.
>> At least they could use xxx.filetree.st and xxx.tonel.st (like we use
>> xxx.pck.st and xxx.cs.st). Now it is impossible for tools to tell
>> whether they are dealing wiht filetree, tonel, or some other smalltalk
>> format...
> They use .properties files to convey that information.  Actually I think
> the entire point of these 'exploded' package formats was to make raw
> method-level diffs pretty... at the cost of making the overall package
> format quite ugly/cumbersome.   Every time I've had to look at a repo using
> those formats, I'm happy you went the direction you did with package
> files.  You prioritized the people using the package files, they continue
> to prioritize the tools that manipulate them.
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