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> German is now free from concern or suffering, and I will celebrate that on
> this night. One thought: is there a part of Cuis we can name after him? He
> was one of the earliest contributors, after all.

Hm, like a class or something? Assigning sentimental value to code could
get weird, I can imagine that we would have a hard time if at any time we
wanted to replace that code with something else (it's already pretty hard
to remove methods with the 'di' initials for example)
Perhaps we could name an award after him. For example the German Arduino
Award for the contributor of most bug fixes of the year (perhaps excluding
Juan, or we wouldn't stand a chance). Or we could do an event, like an
online bug-chasing-and-bug-fixing marathon, we meet in IRC or some other
chat platform like slack or something, and we fix stuff. Or we could
implement or improve something that he was specially interested in.
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