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Last Sunday I could not find it because I did not remember the name of the
I agree that #findTokens: is not a good name.
For compatibility with other smalltalks I would use #substrings:

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> Hi all, some minutes ago I’ve just asked in the telegram group about this
> method, I knew that Pharo had a method called String>>#substrings:
> character or something like that, with the same purpose.
> Ruby has a method called String>>#split: a_string (which I think is the
> best name).
> It don’t think the name intention revealing at all. If you agree I can
> rename that method with all the senders of the base image, but still there
> are some packages that uses this (like Network).
> What do you think? Do you agree that this name can be improved? Do you
> think that split is a better name? if not, what do you suggest?
> Thanks,
> Gastón
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