[Cuis-dev] FW: TT Fonts; stress testing; systematic correction of label-truncation in GUIs

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I just loaded the 17 packages in clonePackageRepos.sh.   I also have Cuis-University and Cuis-Smalltalk-Projects.   I still don’t see the menu items.  I must be missing something.  I’ve loaded almost everything I can find in quick web search of Cuis repos.




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Subject: [Cuis-dev] TT Fonts; stress testing; systematic correction of label-truncation in GUIs


Cuis supports TrueType since a couple of weeks ago. Just do 'World / Preferences... / Load extra fonts' and then 'World / Preferences... / Set font' and 'World / Preferences... / Font Sizes...'.


I just cloned a fresh Cuis5.0-3720 64-bit.  The only menu item related to fonts is Font Sizes…   Is there a package I need to load to see the other menu items?  I loaded all packages I could find in Cuis-Smalltalk-dev.  


How can I set mouse action to be on button-down?


Test Runner has some truncated button labels on the right (just happened to notice this, poking around).  Wondering when all Smalltalk IDEs will be implemented as SPAs in the browser so that the text-fit problem can be easily solved.  Any thoughts on this?  I’m seeing this problem in Cuis, but not as much as in Pharo, where the truncated-label-on-font-change-or-font-size-change problem is all thru the Settings GUI, and is very disheartening, considering how relatively advanced the GUI is in other ways.  GT comes to mind—great stuff.  But some of the basic layout mechanics aren’t working.


Can someone suggest packages for heavy number-crunching and OpenGL graphics (or any graphics) in Cuis?  I need to do some stress testing.





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