[Cuis-dev] [ChangeSet] Reinstall updated packages when installing updates

Juan Vuletich juan at jvuletich.org
Mon Aug 10 07:43:57 PDT 2020

On 8/10/2020 10:14 AM, Hilaire Fernandes via Cuis-dev wrote:
> The safe way will be to start from a fresh image.
> Le 09/08/2020 à 23:21, Juan Vuletich via Cuis-dev a écrit :
>> Today I realized that if a Cuis user pulls the Cuis repo, and does 
>> 'Install 'New Updates' they might reasonable expect that any 
>> installed packages are also updated. 
> My bad there to make you suggest it is necessary.
> Juan, your good will proposal try to take in consideration a bad 
> habits: keep working for days and weeks with an image with external 
> packages installed, then assuming doing an update on this image will 
> be safe. I remember you documented that an image should never be 
> saved: install packages, write code, save packages, then throw away 
> the image at the end of the day. While working on DrGeo on Cuis, I 
> follow this habit, and it is working nicely. Only when experimenting 
> with Vector graphics I keep the image.
> We should no forget to document it in The Cuis Book.
> Le 10/08/2020 à 01:36, Phil B via Cuis-dev a écrit :
>> The changeset asks the user if they want to reload.  The issue is the 
>> act of reloading a package: it's inherently unsafe.
> -- 
> GNU Dr. Geo
> http://drgeo.eu

I agree with you. Maybe a check and just a message to the user is enough.

WRT starting from a fresh image every day, I works for me. It also leads 
me to review all the code I have in development, as I load it again in a 
fresh image. Many times this leads to refactoring or polishing. I think 
it is the "best practice" to advice adopting.

But I also keep in mind that Cuis should also be comfortable for long 
time Smalltalk users, who know what they are doing, and are free to 
adapt the tools and work flow to what works best for them. In general, I 
try to keep the "you should do it this way" to a minimum.

Still, giving sensible advice to those who want it, and rely on it in 
order to trust the system, is a must.


Juan Vuletich

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