[Cuis-dev] vm-display-fbdev on Aarch64/RasPi

ken.dickey at whidbey.com ken.dickey at whidbey.com
Fri Aug 14 16:32:33 PDT 2020


While I like the idea of SqueakNOS (Squeak on Bare Metal), having a
short life I prefer to work on value added.

The (old) idea being to use a "shim" OS which takes care of memory,
networking, USB drivers and which I do not have to support.

I basically develop on aarch64/arm64 chips, so naturally took a look at
revitalizing the framebuffer display: vm-display-fbdev.

Progress so far:
    I can run both Cuis and Squeak images on Rasperry Pi 3 under Alpine
Linux, which is a very slim Linux using MUSL (vs libc) and busybox (vs
many separate commands).  Both stack and Cog VMs run.

The VM _is_ the window system.  You will need to build the VM.

If any intrepid explorers out there wish to help out or just take a
look, I have a repository with instructions and the fb-display-fbdev

Also, the complete build tree for aarch64+MUSL+libevdev with updated

Bug reports (or better yet, fixes!) and help cleaning up the C code is
very much appreciated!


PS: Yes, the cursor looks funny.  Early days..
PPS: Could not post the 150KB screen shot,  8^(

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