[Cuis-dev] [RFC] Modules/Namespaces for Cuis

Gerald Klix cuis.01 at klix.ch
Fri Oct 2 04:48:13 PDT 2020

On 2020-10-01 22:23, ken.dickey--- via Cuis-dev wrote:
> On 2020-10-01 12:17, Gerald Klix via Cuis-dev wrote:
> ..
>> .. should we treat classes
>> imported from other environments as constants?
> How would one then add/update code to/in environments?
Obviously I didn't make myself understood.
I thought about a constant binding, with
operational semantics like classes.
`Smalltalk at:` is called when the class is compiled, when the code is 
run, the VM just
accesses the literal in the compiled method.
(Hence all the #elementsForwardIdentityTo:-voodoo in 

I am sure, you -- being a proficient
Scheme programmer -- know the concept:

"All explicitly exported variables are immutable in both the exporting 
and importing libraries. ..."

Form R6RS:

Sorry, shouldn't ramble about complicate
concepts in the evening.

> We don't make base image classes immutable.
> -KenD

Hope I made myself clear,


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