[Cuis-dev] [RFC][Proposal] A possible refactor of the Morph hierarchy

ken.dickey at whidbey.com ken.dickey at whidbey.com
Wed Oct 14 07:58:04 PDT 2020

On 2020-10-14 04:58, Hernan Wilkinson via Cuis-dev wrote:
> Regarding the migration, I think we have to find a way for all the 
> current packages to be aware of these changes...  It would be great to 
> have all the affected packages loaded so when renaming the classes that 
> would rename all its references in packages and then you could provide 
> the changes of them... do you see that possible? (of course that what 
> it means all packages has to be decided). If not, we need to look for a 
> way to facilitate the migration.

Given vector graphics and refactorings, I suspect this will not be 
immediately complete.   In particular, there are a number of github 
Cuis-Smalltalk-* packages which AllPackages ignores.  ;^)

During transition, I would suggest keeping Morphic-Widgets-Extras and 
Morphic-Misc1 but remove them from AllPackages.   Then create two new 
packages (say Morphic-Widgets and Morphic-Extras) and add them to 
AllPackages.  Easy to #require: the old packages "by hand".

That would let the rest of us look-at/play-with/prototype refactorings 
and make sure our private/in-development packages work as expected and 
we can bless the change as a community.

I don't expect this to take a long time (perhaps a week), but a 
step-wise transition feels safer to me.


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