[Cuis-dev] Quick fix for FFITests.pck.st

Juan Vuletich juan at jvuletich.org
Thu Oct 22 11:54:44 PDT 2020

On 10/22/2020 2:02 PM, Douglas Brebner via Cuis-dev wrote:
> On 22/10/2020 17:08, Juan Vuletich wrote:
>> Hi Douglas,
>> I think it is a good initiative. For packages in the main Cuis repo, 
>> I think an uniform style is best. And I prefer the tests to be in a 
>> separate project. I'd happy if you made this.
> Ok. I'll get to it :)
>> For small changes or adding a few tests, changesets to the mail list 
>> are ok. For the kind of restructuring you are proposing, I think a 
>> pull request makes more sense.
> Alright.
> I've already sent a small fix for the FFITests in another mail (simple 
> bug, wasn't updated for the Cursor wait -> Cursor waitCursor change.

Integrated. Also added you as known author (this means that when you 
enter your initials, the system will already know your name).


Juan Vuletich

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