[Cuis-dev] SSL Tests query

Douglas Brebner kirtai+st at gmail.com
Sun Oct 25 09:42:48 PDT 2020


I've been looking at the SSL tests and found that they always fail on 
Linux,[1] possibly due to using an outdated, built in certificate. [2]

Do the tests also fail on other operating systems? I think some other 
OSs use the system certificate store.

Can anyone confirm if they pass or fail on MacOS or Windows?


[1] Errors I get on the console while running the tests.
SSL routines:SSL_CTX_use_certificate:ee key too small:../ssl/ssl_rsa.c:310:
SSL routines:tls_post_process_client_hello:no shared 

[2] The certificate uses RSA with SHA1 which, I believe, is no longer in 
use. Not to mention it was only valid from 2011 to 2012.

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