[Cuis-dev] [RFC][Proposal] Refactoring of World Morph

Juan Vuletich juan at jvuletich.org
Sun Oct 25 17:19:53 PDT 2020

Hi Hilaire,

On 10/24/2020 11:04 AM, Hilaire Fernandes via Cuis-dev wrote:
> Hi Juan,
> What will be left to a PasteUpMorph? What a PasteUpMorph can do a 
> Morph can't. For DrGeo I still use a PasteUpMorph for the drawable, 
> but I am not sure it is mandatory, and it is for historical reason 
> because of tile programming then

Very little. The morph drag and drop, background image and some event 
and halo stuff. Not sure if all that is really needed, though.

> If I am right, in Squeak's PasteUpMorph the purpose is let user drop 
> morphs of any kind for visual programming with tiles.
> In The Cuis base image, all instances of PasteUpMorph are World.
> By the way I met this funny behavior:
>     *PasteUpMorph newWorld;newWorld;newWorld. (repeat at will)*
>     **PasteUpMorph allInstances*
>     *=>  #( [world]  [world]  [world]  [world]  [world])*
>     PasteUpMorph allInstances
>     =>  #( [world]  [world])*
> Duplicated World seems to vanish.

That's because you are not referencing them, and they get collected.

> Then:
> *PasteUpMorph newWorld openInWorld*
> makes the environment unhappy.

Yep. This does the trick, though:
     UISupervisor stopUIProcess.
     w _ WorldMorph newWorld.
     UISupervisor spawnNewMorphicProcessFor: w.
] forkAt: 41

> As long as there is only one World correctly handled in Cuis, it makes 
> sense to safeguard the environment with a singleton or alike behavior.
> AFAIK, there is no such things as Squeak's Project in Cuis.

But it is really easy to make. I don't think we'd make people refrain 
from trying.

> Take care
> Hilaire
> -- 
> GNU Dr. Geo
> http://drgeo.eu
> https://pouet.chapril.org/@hilaire


Juan Vuletich

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