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> El 26/10/20 a las 22:41, Nicolás Papagna Maldonado via Cuis-dev escribió:
> > Hi folks!
> > Hope you're doing fine :)
> >
> > Just found this issue while I was trying to add a new Preference whose
> > value is a block.
> I was going to report that same problem. I don't know the solution :)
> > Specifically, I want users to be able to configure the block that should
> > be used for opening the class finder (either the default one or
> > Cuis-Finder).
> I used a MethodReference as value for the Preference instead of a Block
> in my implementation, to get around that. Would that be a good option?

Yep, I think that could make it work too!

IMHO if we could make it a block, I think that would be great as it gives
users the ultimate flexibility.

For this particular scenario, the thing that I have in mind is doing a
little refactoring to break up the method that creates the preference +
compiles the accessor into two different methods, so we can add the
preference without compiling the accessor (we will be providing that

I think the issue is interesting outside Cuis-Finder too, as someone will
bump into it eventually.

> Mariano
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