[Cuis-dev] Clicking the 'collapse' halo handle brings up the debugger

Mariano Montone marianomontone at gmail.com
Mon Apr 5 06:50:33 PDT 2021

El 5/4/21 a las 09:57, Pat Foley via Cuis-dev escribió:
> P.S.
> Why do we still have halos anyway? Almost the only thing I ever use them
> for is getting an inspector, and I can think of better ways to present
> that option (and the rest of the options in the debug and in the
> helpfully titled "menu" handle). Maybe everyone else has lots of uses
> for them (that are not served by the window frame or the window's icons)
> but evidently no one has clicked on the collapse handle in a while...

I would add a preference to enable/disable halos, but keep them.

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