[Cuis-dev] Clicking the 'collapse' halo handle brings up the debugger

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Hi Pat,
 very interesting questions... I give it a very practical use and from that
I let the students make and try to answer those questions for them to
understand different ways of solving the problem.


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>> I use the halos when teaching for the students to see a way to get to the
>> code or objects from the UI. It is very useful when you are learning how
>> things work
> I'm really glad you said this, Hernan, because something about this feels
> right, but it raises some relevant questions.
> What is the object? If it's the thing on the screen, then halos provide a
> way of interacting with the object. If the thing on screen is a
> presentation of the "real" object, then halos can be looked at as a way of
> interacting with the presentation, or (not exclusively) as a simulation of
> interacting with the object, and that simulation is also presented in a
> certain way.
> When the objects are presented to us as text, we know to think of that as
> a representation of the "real" object, which is some value stored in
> memory. When the object is a shape or something similar, things get hazy.
> So what is a Morph? Is it a thing drawn on screen (even if it has other
> things drawn on top of it, so maybe not visible at the moment)? Or is it
> what the the thing drawn on screen represents, an abstract
> thing-that-could-be-drawn-on-screen-in-a-canonical-way? (What is a Morph
> that has been collapsed? What is a Morph that hasn't been drawn yet? Can
> they have halos? What would undrawn halos on an undrawn Morph be for?)
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