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鉄生玉城 tamashirotestuso at gmail.com
Sat Apr 10 07:07:44 PDT 2021

Good night
My name is Tetsuo I want to study CS to become the best hacker in the world
-well that was a joke. Sort of. I discovered Cuis-Smalltalk reviewing
Squeak messages. I find Squeak impossible to understand, I also tried Pharo
but that is even worse and there is no space for beginners. It seems to me
that they are developing a Smalltalk only for people who know Smalltalk. I
found Cuis at least small and simple, something that I think I would be
able to learn; somehow, sometime. I am following The Cuis Book and the
github repository Learning Cuis.But this is all new to me. So I would like
to know from the most experienced suggestions about the path to follow in
learning Cuis.Clues, methodologies, etc. I would like to start my learning
of CS with Smalltalk.
*玉城 鉄生*
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