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Hello Tetsuo!

First thing to know is, Smalltalk is very hard to learn at the beginning. The good news is, once you get through learning the tools, you can use the tools to learn very, very quickly. 

It’s hard at the beginning, in part because we have to learn these alien tools, but then, wow! These tools are amazing! And then it becomes really, really easy. As in, I knew 20 programming languages before I learned Smalltalk, and now Smalltalk is easier for me than any of them. This is because there is great leverage in the underlying message-passing semantics, which are simpler than every language (although I’d bow to the Lisp programmers as well.)

My advice is, don’t give up! If you keep going, it becomes a programmer’s heaven. You can do it, so stand tall.


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>> Hello, 
>> Good night
>> My name is Tetsuo I want to study CS to become the best hacker in the world -well that was a joke. Sort of. I discovered Cuis-Smalltalk reviewing Squeak messages. I find Squeak impossible to understand, I also tried Pharo but that is even worse and there is no space for beginners. It seems to me that they are developing a Smalltalk only for people who know Smalltalk. I found Cuis at least small and simple, something that I think I would be able to learn; somehow, sometime. I am following The Cuis Book and the github repository Learning Cuis.But this is all new to me. So I would like to know from the most experienced suggestions about the path to follow in learning Cuis.Clues, methodologies, etc. I would like to start my learning of CS with Smalltalk.
>> Thanks,
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>> 玉城 鉄生
> Hi Tetsuo,
> Welcome to the Cuis community. We hope you have a great time learning and building with Cuis!
> In addition to what other folks have already suggested, see https://github.com/Cuis-Smalltalk/Learning-Cuis . This is a great resource.
> Also, there are many free Smalltalk books available on the web. Most material covering Smalltalk-80 or Squeak applies to some extent to Cuis too.
> Feel free to ask any questions here.
> Cheers,
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