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Thank you all of you for your answers I am reading The Cuis Book right now
and jotting down the doubts and questions that are appearing. It will very
good to have a little project to implement as suggested but I don't know
how to do that at the moment. Is it possible to run Cuis on an iPad?

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> Hello Tetsuo!
> First thing to know is, Smalltalk is very hard to learn at the beginning.
> The good news is, once you get through learning the tools, you can use the
> tools to learn very, very quickly.
> It’s hard at the beginning, in part because we have to learn these alien
> tools, but then, wow! These tools are amazing! And then it becomes really,
> really easy. As in, I knew 20 programming languages before I learned
> Smalltalk, and now Smalltalk is easier for me than any of them. This is
> because there is great leverage in the underlying message-passing
> semantics, which are simpler than every language (although I’d bow to the
> Lisp programmers as well.)
> My advice is, don’t give up! If you keep going, it becomes a programmer’s
> heaven. You can do it, so stand tall.
> —Casey
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>  On 4/10/2021 11:07 AM, 鉄生玉城 via Cuis-dev wrote:
> Hello,
> Good night
> My name is Tetsuo I want to study CS to become the best hacker in the
> world -well that was a joke. Sort of. I discovered Cuis-Smalltalk reviewing
> Squeak messages. I find Squeak impossible to understand, I also tried Pharo
> but that is even worse and there is no space for beginners. It seems to me
> that they are developing a Smalltalk only for people who know Smalltalk. I
> found Cuis at least small and simple, something that I think I would be
> able to learn; somehow, sometime. I am following The Cuis Book and the
> github repository Learning Cuis.But this is all new to me. So I would like
> to know from the most experienced suggestions about the path to follow in
> learning Cuis.Clues, methodologies, etc. I would like to start my learning
> of CS with Smalltalk.
> Thanks,
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> *玉城 鉄生*
> Hi Tetsuo,
> Welcome to the Cuis community. We hope you have a great time learning and
> building with Cuis!
> In addition to what other folks have already suggested, see
> https://github.com/Cuis-Smalltalk/Learning-Cuis . This is a great
> resource.
> Also, there are many free Smalltalk books available on the web. Most
> material covering Smalltalk-80 or Squeak applies to some extent to Cuis too.
> Feel free to ask any questions here.
> Cheers,
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