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Hilaire Fernandes hilaire at drgeo.eu
Mon Apr 19 12:26:13 PDT 2021

Hi Juan,

Le 19/04/2021 à 17:28, Juan Vuletich via Cuis-dev a écrit :
>> I am putting back DrGeo port to Cuis on the table. Did important 
>> refactoring to simplify 15 years old code. Now looking at the morphs 
>> to represent the geometric objects.
> This is great news!

Ah, don't be too excited. There is so much to be done... I work on the 
core functionality. Then regarding the UI, I want to take the point of 
view of the Dynabook's active essay. How would a DrGeo interactive 
componant (a DrGeo sketch instance) will be integrated in an active 
essay with other interactive components? Or what does it mean for an 
interactive component to be integrated in an active essay with other 
such components. How could a teacher produce such active essay? And how 
a component could be standardized and remotely manipulated by another 

> I have fixed behavior when the plugin is not present. Just pull repos. 
> It will be slower, but usable. Besides, those instructions I posted a 
> few weeks ago to enable the plugin are no longer needed. Just require: 
> 'VectorGraphics' . If the plugin is present it will be used, and if 
> not it will just work anyway.

It works fine, Thanks!

Take care


GNU Dr. Geo

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