[Cuis-dev] Bee Smalltalk Dynamic Metacirculat Runtime

Philip Bernhart philip.bernhart at posteo.de
Mon Apr 26 22:40:29 PDT 2021

Hi Douglas,

Douglas Brebner via Cuis-dev <cuis-dev at lists.cuis.st> writes:

> On 26/04/2021 15:25, ken.dickey at whidbey.com wrote:
>> On 2021-04-25 17:02, Javier Pimás wrote:
>>> Are you porting the code manually? If tonel format is a problem I 
>>> have some transliterator code somewhere to read/write different 
>>> formats and to minimally transform code, so it would need a backend 
>>> for writing cuis format, which seems pretty much like chunk format. 
>>> With some extra rules you might get everything automatized if you want.
>> That would be particularly helpful w.r.t. Ring2, for which I have yet 
>> to find documentation and in which I don't have much interest.  I 
>> would welcome a .tar.gz or URL with translator bits.
> Whatever happened to the cypress/filetree format? Cross dialect 
> cooperation was what this file format was *for*.

Then tonel, squot came along and now we have a xkcd situation:

Also reading one big chunk file is easier than traversing a
directory with some data located in JSON or STON (smalltalk json, eh?
It's so simple!) files. And then reading annotated classes or method
files, which are annotated with STON, see so much easier and readable!

Anyone can implement that in just a weekend...

Sorry, I needed to vent some steam about the current situation.


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