[Cuis-dev] Cuis, Dynabooks, Teaching and Learning (was Re: Haver a Cuis based Smalltalk with Modules)

Juan Vuletich juan at jvuletich.org
Fri Apr 30 06:50:28 PDT 2021

Hi Hilaire, Folks,

On 4/29/2021 4:52 PM, Hilaire Fernandes via Cuis-dev wrote:
> Hi Gerald,
> From my point of view of a high school teacher, after porting DrGeo to 
> Cuis, I want to explore a reinterpretation of the Dynabook concept 
> from both the teachers and students point of view.

After stabilizing VectorGraphics, I also want to explore the 
possibilities to build a "real Dynabook".  I have been wanting to do 
that for a long time. My focus is on Open Science / Reproducible 
Research, and in general the pov of researchers and students. I think a 
good Dynabook could be a great alternative to scientific papers. I don't 
think this use is in conflict with teaching and learning at any age 
level. I hope we can collaborate in this adventure, and I'm sure we can 
share ideas and have useful discussion.

> Among other things, it means to imagine and to conceive knowledge 
> model for various taught domains (as DrGeo is for geometry).

Great. I love the words "to conceive knowledge models". I think that as 
we discover what they mean, and how to do it in general (a great 
philosophical question!), we must build examples the best we can, as you 
have been doing with DrGeo.
As a first example, I would like to focus on Signal Processing 
(including audio and images). I want to start by building introductory 
college level material, always keeping an eye on scientific papers too.

> Module may be a handy things to avoid collision between independently 
> developed knowledge model.

Indeed an idea to consider.

> Draft thought
> Hilaire
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> GNU Dr. Geo
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Juan Vuletich

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