[Cuis-dev] Form on a vector canvas

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire at drgeo.eu
Sun Jan 3 12:42:41 PST 2021


The patch you provided works nicely:

The ChevronMorph (actionable buttons in the circular bar, both with or 
without icon) are kind of PluggableButton. To get the expected behavior 
when clicking the chevron, I have to write morphContain: to respond 
always true. It makes the behavior working when mouseUp (I have not 
tested the other behaviors). It does not seem to affect the other 
behavior of the chevron.

Code for try out at: https://github.com/hilaire/cuis-xp, 
Morphic-Circular package

A few remarks:

  * An option to not rotate the icon would be nice. See the toolbar, at
    the bottom the icon is up side down and may not be easy to recognize.
  * When there is an error in the drawOn: method, I noted Cuis gets lock
    in a loop. The red rectangle we usually have on drawing error does
    not show up.



Le 03/01/2021 à 16:37, Juan Vuletich a écrit :
> Well, the idea is to add support for drawing Forms to VectorEngine. I 
> haven't given that priority yet, because I think in general vector 
> graphics are preferable (if it is possible to choose).
> The attach is a hack using the venerable WarpBlt, that can rotate and 
> scale Forms. Please try it. It might suffice until we have the 
> VectorEngine VM plugin. If it works for you, I'll later merge it.

GNU Dr. Geo

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