[Cuis-dev] Hello, new Cuis smalltalk user here!

Joseph Turco jturk90 at protonmail.com
Wed Jul 14 11:24:47 PDT 2021

Hello everyone,

I hope I am not bothering anyone with this question(s), I am a new smalltalker and programmer. I decided to use Cuis because its more in line with smalltalk-80, where its easier to find beginner (beginner in the programming sense) books. I am currently reading 'smalltalk, objects, and design, by Chamond Liu. Is this a good book? I know the 'blue book' exists, but it assumes you can already program.

My second question was the resolution of the VM. I noticed VS squeak the windows were much smaller (higher resolution screen layout) than Cuis, this really isn't a problem, more so, did I not configure something correctly? Please excuse my ignorance.

- Joseph
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