[Cuis-dev] Hello, new Cuis smalltalk user here!

Juan Vuletich juan at jvuletich.org
Wed Jul 14 11:34:14 PDT 2021

Hi Joseph,

On 7/14/2021 3:24 PM, Joseph Turco via Cuis-dev wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I hope I am not bothering anyone with this question(s), I am a new 
> smalltalker and programmer. I decided to use Cuis because its more in 
> line with smalltalk-80, where its easier to find beginner (beginner in 
> the programming sense) books.

Welcome to Smalltalk and Cuis!

> I am currently reading 'smalltalk, objects, and design, by Chamond 
> Liu. Is this a good book? I know the 'blue book' exists, but it 
> assumes you can already program.

Yes, it is a very good book. But also keep in mind we wrote a book 
specifically for newcomers to Cuis! 

There is also a good amount of documentation in the Documentation folder 
in Cuis, in https://github.com/Cuis-Smalltalk/Learning-Cuis and in 
https://github.com/Cuis-Smalltalk/Learning-Cuis .

> My second question was the resolution of the VM. I noticed VS squeak 
> the windows were much smaller (higher resolution screen layout) than 
> Cuis, this really isn't a problem, more so, did I not configure 
> something correctly? Please excuse my ignorance.
> - Joseph

Both in Squeak and in Cuis you can evaluate

Display extent

to get the size of the Display as seen by Smalltalk. It is best if this 
matches the physical screen resolution (although that is not the default 
on MacBooks). In any case, the difference you see is because in Cuis the 
default fonts are larger than Squeak's. This is configurable in Cuis. 
Play a bit with the World menu.


Juan Vuletich

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