[Cuis-dev] Making minimal Cuis image

David Mason dmason at ryerson.ca
Sat Jul 17 06:22:29 PDT 2021

I love Cuis. I am thinking of using it in my comparative languages course in the winter (at least as an alternative to Pharo). It’s not as sexy/modern-looking as Pharo, but it seems to be much more understandable.

But in the meantime, for another project, I want to create a minimal Cuts image to use headless with SqueakJS.

What I want in the image:
1) the standard Smalltalk-80 classes, including the compiler and collections
2) no display-related classes
3) as few file-related classes as possible (I don’t need anything for my application)
4) a few classes of my own

I presume that this can be created a couple of different ways:
1) start with nothing and built an image from pieces (what the Pharo people are doing now)
2) start with a normal development image and remove things

Any advice, or better yet cookbook/documentation/scripts, much appreciated.


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