[Cuis-dev] cuis svg plugin

stes@PANDORA.BE stes at telenet.be
Sat Jul 17 08:59:23 PDT 2021

As package name I've done an attempt to submit an update with a new package,
which only contains the VectorEnginePlugin:

# pkg contents squeak-vep

The above shows that 'squeak-vep' (VEP=VectorEnginePlugin) has 2 files,
one with the 32bit plugin and one with the 64bit plugin.

Both were compiled for the subversion 3806 release of Squeak (classic VM).

# pkg info squeak-vep
             Name: runtime/smalltalk/squeak-vep
          Summary: The Squeak Virtual Machine VectorEnginePlugin
         Category: Development/Smalltalk

This package can be installed or uninstalled independently of the Squeak VM.

For the OpenSmalltalk VM's I've done the same thing but with the names : cog-spur-vep and stack-spur-vep.

So one has a choice of either installing or uninstalling the plugin.

If there is a problem with the plugin - this can happen - then one can try to uninstall the plugin.

If in the future the 'upstream' Squeak VM incorporates the VEP, then this does not change a lot.

The packaging (whether it is IPS, Debian, RPM etc.) is independent of the main upstream sources;

As an example the SSLPlugin is in the mainstream Squeak distribution,
but I still package it independently as squeak-ssl (so that the SSL plugin can be installed or uninstalled).

My hope is that the Cuis VEP is incorporated/added to the OpenSmalltalk and Classic VM sources,
I like the VEP plugin, it is a great piece of work.

David Stes

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