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No problem. As for a other mini update. I'm still for the most part having to look at the solutions. Maybe I'm not very good with smalltalk. Maybe its OOP I can't understand, but I really don't feel like I'm learning much. I am in no way saying its an issue with the book, it just might be at a level that is not basic enough for me. I would like to hear what peoples thoughts are on this. Maybe its OK that I'm looking at the answers?

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> Thanks for the feedback. I will add details
> Hilaire
> Le 17/07/2021 à 03:06, Joseph Turco a écrit :
>> You mentioned about me looking for anything in the book, and I do have one thing to mention. Some of the exercises are kinda difficult and I've had to goto the solution. Most of them made sense after looking at the solution, but some of them I don't understand. For example.
>> Exercise 4.9
>> ($A to: $Z) collect [:c | (c asciiValue - 65 + 3 \\ 26 + 65) asCharacter] .
>> I have no clue how that math calculation works at all.
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