[Cuis-dev] Hello, new Cuis smalltalk user here!

Nicola Mingotti nmingotti at gmail.com
Sun Jul 18 15:55:03 PDT 2021

Hi Joseph,

Define a little program you would like to write.

E.g. The first program i really wrote because i wanted it was an alarm 
playing a certain mp3
at increasing volume in the morning. Probably it was a Bash script. I 
wrote some C code
before that, but it was for univ. assignment, not the same thing, at all.

This is the best way to learn anything, keep a target in front of you, a 
problem to be solved ;)

To learn Smalltalk takes some time because it is a system, not just a 
programming language.
To me it took time to wrap my mind around it and still i am not that 
TheCuisBook is a book about the Smalltalk SYSTEM called Cuis. It takes 
in a LOT of stuff.
Digest it slowly. Use other sources as well, ask questions.

The first things you must understand are: variables, loops and tests and 
the most basic kind
of objects like Strings and Numbers, List, Date etc. Focus on that ! 
Explore the "TereseGuide". (TerseGuideWindow openTerseGuide . )
Work in the Workspace and Transcript. Forget defining new Classes for 
the moment, use
what Cuis has already defined for you.

Don't change dialect, if you start jumping from Cuis to Squeak to Pharo 
to esleTalk you will get extremely confused.

Don't give up, this is the most beautiful way you can use a computer.

Maybe in the next weeks I may have time to put online a video tutorial 
about the language,
which is actually the easiest part of Smalltalk. OOP is your friend, you 
will see, it is there to
make things simpler.

bye ;)

On 7/18/21 10:56 PM, Joseph Turco via Cuis-dev wrote:
> No problem. As for a other mini update. I'm still for the most part 
> having to look at the solutions. Maybe I'm not very good with 
> smalltalk. Maybe its OOP I can't understand, but I really don't feel 
> like I'm learning much. I am in no way saying its an issue with the 
> book, it just might be at a level that is not basic enough for me. I 
> would like to hear what peoples thoughts are on this. Maybe its OK 
> that I'm looking at the answers?
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> On Jul 18, 2021, 4:31 PM, Hilaire Fernandes via Cuis-dev < 
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>     Thanks for the feedback. I will add details
>     Hilaire
>     Le 17/07/2021 à 03:06, Joseph Turco a écrit :
>>     You mentioned about me looking for anything in the book, and I do
>>     have one thing to mention. Some of the exercises are kinda
>>     difficult and I've had to goto the solution. Most of them made
>>     sense after looking at the solution, but some of them I don't
>>     understand. For example.
>>     Exercise 4.9
>>     ($A to: $Z) collect [:c | (c asciiValue - 65 + 3 \\ 26 + 65)
>>     asCharacter] .
>>     I have no clue how that math calculation works at all.
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