[Cuis-dev] Hello, new Cuis smalltalk user here!

Nicola Mingotti nmingotti at gmail.com
Tue Jul 20 07:22:30 PDT 2021

Joseph, I would not do that.
Even if it looks a nice thing to try out.

I give you an example, till about 1 years ago i was convinced I would 
have used FreeBSD for everything.
Then i changed my mind, too few people is using it, expecially on RPi 
and BBB.

The consequence was, there were very few drivers, and It was HARD to 
control the most easy stuff
e.g. on the BBB : PWM, ADC, I2C.

If you bypass the Linux OS, you will trash your opportunity of using 
existing drivers and
most probably it will take you 10 times the time to build your fish tank 
project. If ever.

According to my last tests Bruce RPI is performant enough to make stock 
Cuis rock.
Probably he is connecting to it via "ssh -X", that might be the bottleneck.


On 7/20/21 3:53 PM, Joseph Turco wrote:
> Yeah , i think the squeak VM is too much for the raspberry pis and 
> other ARM based microcomputers. I think the only smalltalk options for 
> said boards are the C++ smalltalk-80 vms. This: 
> https://github.com/michaelengel/crosstalk 
> <https://github.com/michaelengel/crosstalk> and This: 
> https://github.com/dbanay/Smalltalk 
> <https://github.com/dbanay/Smalltalk>. The first one is better becuase 
> its a bare metal VM. so it boots right into smalltalk-80. 
> unfortunately, for the pi zero W and the pi 1, there are drawing 
> issues. It also doesn't work with the pi4 8GB. i also wish the screen 
> size was bigger as well but it works, im just having an issue with 
> sticky keys right now so im talking to the maintainer about why thats 
> happening. To be quite honest, if the only problem with Cuis (and 
> squeak cog spur) was the window lag, id use it. but the typing lag and 
> the fact that you can tell its not running smooth, means if i was to 
> make the space game listed in "TheCuisBook", it would lag alot.I had a 
> pi3b and a pi4b 2GB model, i wish i still had them so i could test it 
> on there.
> -Joseph T
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> On Tuesday, July 20th, 2021 at 5:14 AM, Nicola Mingotti 
> <nmingotti at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I just tried to run Cuis in a BeableBone Black rev C.
>> Thank you Bruce, i hit the same problem the Joseph did, I tried to 
>> run a 64bit image ;)
>> . headless machine, no screen
>> . no WindowManager, all goes throught VNC
>> . the only GU-App running in the BBB is Cuis.
>> My verdict is: it works, but it is not snappy. The load average keep 
>> being about 1.0 .
>> I think Cuis is too big for this kind of hardware. To have a decent 
>> programming experience
>> I recommend to use more powerful computers, especially to beginners.
>> I may add a short video later to display the performance you can expect.
>> bye
>> Nicola
>> On 7/20/21 10:14 AM, Bruce O'Neel via Cuis-dev wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Is this the error you see?
>>> $ squeak Cuis5.0-4567
>>> This interpreter (vers. 6521) cannot read image file (vers. 68021).
>>> Press CR to quit...
>>> $ squeak Cuis5.0-4567-32
>>> This interpreter (vers. 6521) cannot read image file (vers. 1869760039).
>>> Press CR to quit...
>>> $ ../local/squeak/squeak Cuis5.0-4567-32
>>> This interpreter (vers. 6521) cannot read image file (vers. 1869760039).
>>> Press CR to quit...
>>> The error
>>> This interpreter (vers. 6521) cannot read image file (vers. 68021).
>>> is expected.  32 bit VMs can't read 64 bit Images.
>>> The error
>>> This interpreter (vers. 6521) cannot read image file (vers. 1869760039).
>>> shows something is wrong.  I *think* the 32 bit image 
>>> Cuis5.0-4567-32 is corrupt because
>>> the newest image off of github opens.

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