[Cuis-dev] Install and run Cuis in a headless Linux server. Not a big machine !

Nicola Mingotti nmingotti at gmail.com
Tue Jul 20 10:56:45 PDT 2021

In my opinion, if you don't have good enough hardware you can't have
a decent experience with Smalltalk. I think we are talking of 50 euros 
hardware ;)

All languages can teach you something because they were written of
an idea of "computer programming" in mind.

Smalltalk requires graphical interaction, that requires CPU cycles.
Expecially for today high quality graphics. Cuis aims at high quality 


On 7/20/21 7:47 PM, Joseph Turco wrote:
> Thanks for the link. If I had a laptop I'd do this, but all I have is 
> my raspberry pi zero W. I decided that I'm going to learn APL for now, 
> and until I can afford a better raspberry pi I'll just wait to learn 
> smalltalk.
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> On Jul 20, 2021, 1:44 PM, Nicola Mingotti via Cuis-dev < 
> cuis-dev at lists.cuis.st> wrote:
>     Hi again,
>     So, this is the best procedure i found to use Cuis remotely.
>     https://youtu.be/MkRL83QsVh0
>     At the end of the video you can see you don't need a big machine
>     at all
>     to run a perfectly working stock Cuis :)
>     Hope it to be of use to anybody.
>     bye
>     Nicola

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