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>> Since the CuisBook recommends, as good practice, not to save the image
That's probably mainly to keep the advice as succinct as possible for new
users who are grappling with everything else that's new about Smalltalk to
them.  It's impractical for more complex images.

> Uh ... Feeling like a real beginner now. Why would I not want to save the
> image?

Feel free to save the image, with a new name of course, but don't *manage*
your code in the image, manage it in Cuis packages.  This will probably
feel like something between changesets and Monticello packages to you,
which is basically what they are capability-wise.

This advice is a bit more critical for Cuis since we don't have major
releases the way other Smalltalks do as it is basically a rolling release.
So we frequently have updates which aren't safe to overlay on a modified
image as they can, and do, assume anything is fair game to modify (i.e.
core classes/methods get renamed, parts of Morphic get torn
down/restructured/restarted etc.)   There will almost never be a warning as
updates are only tested against the previous 'vanilla' image and no one
really knows what they'll do to the state of a given modified image.  So
when updates come out that you are interested in, or if it's just been a
while since you updated: you save all of your packages, update your copy of
the git repo, open up the latest image, apply updates and then load your

> Vanessa
Hope that helps,
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