[Cuis-dev] ATTENTION. maybe nasty bug in Time management on Summer/Winter time change

Nicola Mingotti nmingotti at gmail.com
Wed Nov 3 02:56:55 PDT 2021

Hi guys,

I report you what i discovered this morning.

. I have 2 services running in Cuis in 2 independent Linux/Debian servers.

. In weekend in Italy we changed time from CEST to CET

. The OSes changed time correctly

. But Cuis services are 1 hour forward !?!?

. If i run a fresh new Cuis now in my laptop (Linux/debian vm), I see it 
has the correct time, corresponding to the OS time

. I did not change my localTimeZone in Cuis, in any machine. It is 
acceptable for me it says UTC
   even if it is actually localtime.

. Seeing 'DateAndTime now' I discovered that Cuis by default uses 
primLocalMicrosecondClock, so it should
   always use the OS local clock and think it is in the UTC timezone. 
But, it is not doing
   so on images that were started some days ago (max 20). It does so on 
new run images.

I don't know well how to fix this. Maybe some time config is made when 
Cuis starts up?
It seems it is remembering the time when it was stared.

If there are some changes to make I have a suggestion for improvement.
Could we set localTimeZone to "system", or "local" ? At present we are 
reading localTime from the OS
and setting to UTC. Which is a bit confusing.


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