[Cuis-dev] Change in HoverHelpMorph

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire at drgeo.eu
Thu Nov 4 06:52:49 PDT 2021

Ok, Yes it does the same, but differently. Using the property makes the 
implementation less verbose, but it is much harder to discover the 
feature. This is also what I thought when implementing it.  At some time 
it could be nice to have a kind of property browser/explorer on Morph

Juan can decide which implementation to pick up. We will be both happy 
with the resulting behavior.



Le 04/11/2021 à 14:26, Hernan Wilkinson a écrit :
> Hi Hilaire,
>  don't worry! I wish we could have a better testing system and 
> improved SCM to avoid these kinds of problems, but we do not :-)
>  I prefer to make the formatting dependable of a parameter and not of 
> an attribute of a Morph...
>  Attached is my proposal. At the end it does the same as yours but it 
> does not depend on a Morph attribute.
>  Morph attributes are really difficult to find in the code and 
> therefore difficult to know if they exist, how they behave, etc.
>  Let me know what you think.
GNU Dr. Geo

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