[Cuis-dev] Morphic-Widget-Extra

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire at drgeo.eu
Sat Nov 6 01:21:41 PDT 2021

Hi Ken & community,

Regarding the Ken's Morphic-Misc package, it may be time to split it to 
make it even more affordable to application developers and to organize 
its evolution and enrichment. I know Mariano has developed extra widgets 
too. I will propose additional widgets too.

I would think of a meta package Morphic-Widget-Extra with dependencies 
on other packages as Morphic-Widget-Common,  Morphic-Widget-Radio,
Morphic-Widget-Checkbox, Morphic-Widget-Color-Picker, etc.

  * *Morphic-Widget-Common*. Contains the code specific to all extra widgets
  * *Morphic-Widget-Radio*. Code specific to radio button and dependent on
  * ...
  * ...
  * *Morphic-Widget-Extra*. Empty package (not code) with dependencies
    on all
    Morphic-Widget-xxx packages. Just load all in once.

What do you think?


GNU Dr. Geo

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