[Cuis-dev] Morphic-Widget-Extra

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire at drgeo.eu
Tue Nov 9 12:26:39 PST 2021

Le 06/11/2021 à 15:58, ken.dickey at whidbey.com a écrit :
> I would also propose a Morphic-Examples package, NOT pulled in by 
> Morphic-Widgets-Collected/Extra/Aggregated meta-package.
> Morphic-Examples might include expository code, e.g.
>   FrameMorph
>   LineMorph
>     PointerLineMorph
>   MorphMessageBox
Yes indeed.

> I would like to see Widget-Components (RadioGroup, OneLineEditorMorph, 
> Panel, ValueEntryPanel, WindowTitleMorph, ..) separated from usages 
> (LayoutMorphEditPanel, ImagePickerPanel, Color Editor..).
> Any finer grained separation might be done to minimize classes loaded 
> when specific "users of Morphic Widget Components" are required.

We can refactor/refine the package when needed.


GNU Dr. Geo

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