[Cuis-dev] Cuis web presence

Mariano Montone marianomontone at gmail.com
Thu Nov 11 05:00:15 PST 2021

Hi Nicola,

El 11/11/21 a las 06:46, Nicola Mingotti via Cuis-dev escribió:
> hi Mariano, guys,
> I just passed by and checked the packages page.
> 1. It is really awesome we have something like that ! Thank you again !
> 2. I would suggest to put all the packages in a single page
> .  Alphabetical order is great
> .  It would be easy to make a textual [Ctrl+f] "find" in the page to
> jump where you want or look for
> relevant packages.

I will consider that, but note that you can achieve the same using the
search box at the top.

> . Easy to scroll down and just browse and see what already exists
> 3. Maybe in the future we could add sorting algs which shows:
> . Order by entrance in the list, here you would see new packages you may
> not know
> . Order by last commit, here you would see what has been changed, and
> also spot packages
> that were updated a very long time ago and so probably need a refresh.

Maybe ... that would require to maintain the list of packages updated.
I already have a script that imports packages from Github api.
The resulting list is not as clean as adding packages manually, though.
Specially regarding tags, that often are missing or not as precise as
they could be.

My idea is to use tags so that it is easy to find packages by category.
For example, try searching for "web", or "database", etc.

> 4. Can I use the GitHub "issue" section to write down ideas for the future ?

Yes, go ahead. But I can't promise we are going to follow them. Some
ideas may not be easy to implement as this is a static Jekyll site using
a theme (it is not as flexible as hand coded html with server support
IMO), and I'm having to give up some of my ideas in order to cooperate
with others (perhaps we will need to start voting at some point :) ).

> . I am doing the same for Cuis-Smalltalk-Dev and i found it a great way
> to remember
> improvement which I (or anybody else) would/could like to do but I can't
> implement in the short run
> . For example i could write there the "sorting" algorithms for the
> packages pages.
> Great work !

Thank you!



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