[Cuis-dev] I need some advice with FFI

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire at drgeo.eu
Sun Nov 14 09:39:12 PST 2021

Le 14/11/2021 à 11:53, Nicola Mingotti via Cuis-dev a écrit :
> if you have the time to write the documentation about this it would be 
> fantastic.
> I will find the time for the editing, but after my wedding (22 Nov) !
> For the location where to store it, it depends. I would say the Cuis 
> Book is
> too much introductory level for this subject. It could be stored in 
> the new
> Web site Mariano is developing for Cuis, just an idea. This would give 
> it visibility
> and "findability" via web (which is very important).

The web site is about promoting Cuis, its contents is and should remain 
light, easy to maintain. The contents should not be there, it is too 
technical. The documentation page of the web site will point to this 
documentation though.

I see two options:

- use the wiki, your cook book

- or write a booklet. This is something that would be interesting and 
also bring more exposure on Cuis. The idea is to have small books (50 
pages maximum) on very specific topic, as the ones Stefane Ducasse is 
doing for Pharo, these are valuable assets. I can build the 
infrastructure for the book, like TheCuisBook.



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