[Cuis-dev] I need some advice with FFI

Nicola Mingotti nmingotti at gmail.com
Sun Nov 14 14:53:44 PST 2021

Hi again,

If you would like to start editing in the Wiki for me it is ok.

I prepared a section "Easay" at the end of the Wiki to keep it well 
from the Cookbook, which has a quick (aka superficial) question/answer 
style format.

See the end of this page. Ready to edit.

If you want to change position you can always do it later. This is just 
a way to get started fast.
In the Wiki i will keep the link to the final location in any case.

About the booklet, Pharo style, i think a few things:
1] they are great, really, super job
2] they need a lot of work
3] in general, I would not extend beyond HTML/CSS formatting. At least 
not on the first
release of the material.
4] I would focus forces on material correctness before thinking of the 
pdf format
5] If we see the subject is quite static, ie it does not become outdated 
every year,
we can make also the pdf version.
5.5] Wanting to write a pdf version, a decent way of collaborating over 
a LaTeX document i tried in the
past is the software Overleaf.


On 11/14/21 18:39, Hilaire Fernandes via Cuis-dev wrote:
> Le 14/11/2021 à 11:53, Nicola Mingotti via Cuis-dev a écrit :
>> if you have the time to write the documentation about this it would 
>> be fantastic.
>> I will find the time for the editing, but after my wedding (22 Nov) !
>> For the location where to store it, it depends. I would say the Cuis 
>> Book is
>> too much introductory level for this subject. It could be stored in 
>> the new
> Indeed.
>> Web site Mariano is developing for Cuis, just an idea. This would 
>> give it visibility
>> and "findability" via web (which is very important).
> The web site is about promoting Cuis, its contents is and should 
> remain light, easy to maintain. The contents should not be there, it 
> is too technical. The documentation page of the web site will point to 
> this documentation though.
> I see two options:
> - use the wiki, your cook book
> - or write a booklet. This is something that would be interesting and 
> also bring more exposure on Cuis. The idea is to have small books (50 
> pages maximum) on very specific topic, as the ones Stefane Ducasse is 
> doing for Pharo, these are valuable assets. I can build the 
> infrastructure for the book, like TheCuisBook.
> Best
> Hilaire

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