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Hilaire Fernandes hilaire at drgeo.eu
Mon Nov 15 11:43:02 PST 2021

Hi Mark,

You should delete all the instances of LineMorph before changing its 

In general, while it is ok to change the class definition of existing 
Object, you have some risks with uninitialized attributes declared and 
initialized in the ancestors hierarchy.

This the problem you encounter.


Le 13/11/2021 à 23:17, Mark via Cuis-dev a écrit :
> ISSUE #2
> After restarting Cuis, I re-added the LineExampleMorph (section 7.1.1 
> - https://cuis-smalltalk.github.io/TheCuisBook/Going-Vector.html 
> <https://cuis-smalltalk.github.io/TheCuisBook/Going-Vector.html>)
> And instantiated it.
> It drew a green line.
> Then, I went to the class definition and changed its superclass from 
> Morph to MovableMorph and saved.
> Everything seems fine … but, when I clicked on the existing green 
> line, the debugger popped up
> So, I closed the debug window and went to the Workspace window and 
> executed “LineExampleMorph allInstancesDo: [:x | x delete. ]”

GNU Dr. Geo

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