[Cuis-dev] Packages

Mark dev at virtualmdj.com
Fri Nov 19 11:42:14 PST 2021


I’m running into (more) strangeness.
(Again, probably my n00b-ness. LOL)

I run cuis from a shell script.
That way, I can watch log output in the terminal as it runs …

Then, I install my “learning” package: MDJ-Learning. The first time, it loads just fine.

Then, I add a new class to the “MDJ-Learning” category.

It runs. (Just added a class method that prints a string)

I open the “Installed Packages” window and note that my package “needs saving”

I select the package (MDJ-Learning) and click on “Save”

Everything behaves as if it saved.

Then I quit cuis without saving image.

Then I relaunch cuis (as above) — the startup script uses “Feature require:” to load my package.

And, to my dismay, my latest changes are _not_ reflected in the Browser under “MDJ-Learning”

Any idea(s) what I might be doing wrong?


	— Mark

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