[Cuis-dev] Package installer (teaser)

Mariano Montone marianomontone at gmail.com
Mon Nov 22 06:36:11 PST 2021

Hello Juan,

El 22/11/21 a las 11:15, Juan Vuletich via Cuis-dev escribió:
> If code is small and nice (I'd bet it is), this should be part of the
> base Cuis image. Looks like a fundamental tool to me.
> The only thing I'd change is window color. Maybe we'd pick a new tool
> color, for this PackageInstaller and the Installed Packages tool.

What you see there is just a first prototype of the tool, and I cannot
use it for the final implementation because it is written with a GUI
generation library I wrote that depends on other packages. I'm planning
to rewrite it and make it as small and simple as I can.

> WRT to GitHub, I see the value, but the base image contains no network
> code, and is agnostic wrt CVS choice. Maybe a button "also show packages
> on GitHub" or such, that loads a separate package to deal with GitHub?

I agree. Actually, I have two separated tools atm, because it was easier
for me to implement. A package installer that lists and installs local
packages. And a package downloader, that uses a manually maintained list
of remote packages, not limited to Github (as Cuis-Website does). I'm
using Github to help me generate that initial list, but I figured out
using Github api directly is not very useful, as Github repositories can
be forks, contain packages that are available somewhere else, not be
libraries, etc, etc. The list of remote packages need to be mantained
manually in the end, for quality reasons.

My current plan is to put the tools in different packages, so, shouldn't
be a problem.

> In any case, let's make this part of the base image!

Ok! There's still a way to go as I need to rewrite things and more.



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