[Cuis-dev] VectorGraphics and ARM64

Eric Gade eric.gade at gmail.com
Sun Nov 21 13:46:26 PST 2021

Hi all,

Today I tried building the latest CogVM with the VectorGraphics plugin for
arm64. If I load up the latest Cuis image and run it, then import the TT
fonts, the whole system becomes incredibly slow for key tasks. In
particular, text editing (typing in a Workspace) or moving around windows
become slow enough to be unusable.

For reference, I am running this experiment on the MNT Reform, which boasts
an i.MX8MQ with 4x ARM Cortex-A53 cores (1.5 GHz) -- not exactly the

Is there some kind of benchmarking I can run to get solid numbers for all
this? And more importantly, should I not expect to have good performance on
the given processor?

On a related note, I did notice that the VectorGraphics enabled UI runs
much more smoothly on my big desktop (an x86 beast) than it had in the
past, so that's nice!


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