[Cuis-dev] Enable state for pluggable button

H. Fernandes hilaire at drgeo.eu
Tue Nov 23 01:06:35 PST 2021

Hi Ken, 

Di you take a look at my changeset because I also refactor a bit the class to improve understanding? 

Dr. Geo -- http://drgeo.eu 

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> I had a chance to play with this a bit today.

> The challenge is scaling from simple to sophisticated models and for
> various uses.

> E.g.

> #minimumExtent is different for window title buttons than for labeled
> buttons.

> #isEnabled
> "My enableSelector may be nil, in which case I answer the default:
> true.
> My enableSelector may be a selector, which I and to the model to
> answer.
> Then again, my enableSelector may be simply true or false.

> In any case, I would hope folks try this out and see if it fits all
> of
> your use cases.

> HTH,
> -KenD

> "
> ..
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