[Cuis-dev] New Cuis website is live!

Nicola Mingotti nmingotti at gmail.com
Fri Nov 26 01:49:30 PST 2021

Hi Mariano,

i gave it a shot and I observe this:

1. Package list with "browse all", very well ! that is useful for 

2. Package list, problem, not urgent, some packages should not be there,
for example, my "Printf" has been incorporated into Cuis. Also the old 
that is not maintained.
. I think here we should all contribute to keep the package list clean
. For example, i tried PetitParser, it doesn't even load
. IDEA. maybe and indicator, like a green tick 'V' if the package has
been tested working. Near the tick, or hovering over it it may appear 'who'
checked and when. (I still have not looked into the website code, i 
could do this when time permits :) )

3. If you google "cuis smalltalk" the first link you can click is broken,
because it points to "https://cuis-smalltak.org" . It is quite easy to 
calls directed to port 80 to "http://www.cuis-smalltalk.org".
. To do this kind of things usually i put nginx in front of my web servers
. If you need help on this i can share my config with you ( I work on 


On 11/24/21 22:55, Mariano Montone via Cuis-dev wrote:
> Hello folks,
> the new Cuis website is live at: http://www.cuis-smalltalk.org
> Cheers!
> Mariano

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